Mid 70s to mid 80s each very normal. Up at 8. Beautiful day. Sunny, then cloudy, then windy, rain, and sunny again. Ran with Max for ~45 mins. Perfect. Sure its warm, sure its sticky humid, and sure enough, we r loving it! Nice lunches and dinners Pipa. Fish, shrimp is the norm. Skol is the National brew. Watching soccer – of course! Very happy with the hospitality! Wow really. Being in this place is paradise. Love the sounds and looks of the ocean. Met some Boy Scouts of Brazil in front of the Catholic Church. Amazing. All so happy. There was also a 1965 ish VW bug in front of the church. The whole place was lit up by oddly yellow tinted lights. Their scoutmaster and I exchanged the scouting handshake. Perfect. Walked back to ocean paradise Bugalow. It was fairly hightide meaning our walk was a little wet as we moved along the edge of the cliff. The swells were small. The sky was brilliantly clear and dark and packed with gleaming stars. The southern cross was high overhead. Wow! Once back (about a 15 minute, 1km walk for the end of the boardwalk), fast asleep at 22:30. This trip is quickly becoming vast! God speed!










Up at 8. Partly cloudy, sun, waves, the vast atlantic stretching eastward, beach front bungalow. Wow!!! Arrived from Piraña Hotel after typical hotel breakfast (and espresso’s at Tribus) . THIS place IS paradise. Beautiful Pines and Coconut trees enshrine the Pousada Paradise de Tartarugus between Pipa’s central beach and beach Amor. The sound of the breeze blowing through the trees, through the open air villa mixed with the ocean melody is enchanting. After we arrived, Max and I went for a run for about ~30 minutes up and south of town. Nice. Watched soccer in the afternoon under the covers of the beachfront diner. Perfect. People from Argentina, Uruguay, Columbia, USA, Brazil, Germany gathered for the our own soccer viewing party on the beach. This place is tucked up against the cliff sides. Just LOVELY!!!! Heidi taking pics of it all!!! Had a beautiful large plate of fried whole local Shrimp and Caprinho’s (Brazil’s trademark sugar cane based nearly pure alcohol drink) Later in day went to Pipa Beach Club and had Thai Chicken Curry and Skol’s – yummy . We walked back along boardwalk and then along beach. Low tided exposed a field of lava rocks. Sky filled with stars. Wow! We all had an exceptionally (with the newly found digs!) perfect day! To bed 23:00ish . God, I am so thankful for this beautiful life – thank you!!!






Up at 8h. Typical breakfast, but ate light as we are going to the Tribus Cafe for breakfast. First time, as its raining SO hard, to break out the umbrellas. Had Acai berry granola and fresh banana – yummy! Nice espresso con leche. The day was about watching soccer and just relax ing with my lovely wife Heidi and my great loving son Maxwell. Had a shrimp pizza dinner – so so. Generally I would so no to pizza here! Heidi rested away the day in the Brazilians fav spot – a hammock. We went to a sorbet place having delicious sorbets of like all types – strawberry, Acai, mint, mango, hazel nuts, almond, ??? Really don’t remember and who cares – all delicious. Tried to get last minute tickets to WC match in natal kind of like a game. Not successful. The whole WC ticketing process in so complex. Amazing anyone gets it. This room is getting annoying. Loud. Party part of town. Oh yes, the wifi sucks At the hotel Piraña! Will leave tomorrow. Heidi and I took a walk to Amor beach and found the perfect spot to go to. More tomorrow! All said just having a wonderful time in Praia da Pipa ! Love and blessing to all!







Sunny. Up at 8h30. Had typical breakfast, its OK – filling, healthy choices, decent taste. So-far all breakfast are VERY similar. After a little rest time, Max and I off for a run – ~50mins. Very humid – we are totally soaked after. Run through town, along Amor beach – just beautiful. We just seems to be part of the scene. Watching, ah… SOCCER! in room, then to Tribus cafe for sandwiches. Heidi had Veggie with egg – excellent! I had a burger and fries – excellent! Max had meat ball sandwich – Excellent! We also had Acai and granola – Wow! This place is a few steps from hotel. The perfect light food and espresso place! More soccer! then off to Golfinhos (dolphin) Beach for ocean swim. Excellent. First time watching sunset in Brazil with Heidi and Maxwell. Wow! The brown/green jungle like cliffs are so beautiful! Lots of surfers. Umbrella camps all along. Back to hotel, rest a little then off for dinner at Pipa Beach club and to watch USA v. Portugal soccer! Had lovely burritos and thai shrimp curry and.. SKOL’s! Game was very exciting. Best we have seen so far! Tie! last second goal by Portugal – damn it! Maxwell went to viewing party at a bar downtown. Heidi and I finished the match in peace (sort of). Heidi and I walked along the boardwalk on way back. VERY romantic with the stars, the ocean, the twinkling lights. I feel so much love…

Praia da Pipa is a smallish, maybe a couple of thousand people, older fishing village about 2 hours from Natal south off the 101. Beaches. Cliffs everywhere. Extremely nice people. Safe. There are no big hotels, stores, no big.new anything. Its laid back and I think international – its cup time so I do not know what this place is like normally. Its for the kick-back crowd. VERY casual dress. If you’re a bubble person this is NOT the place to come – you would look totally stupid. Its rainy season, so staying in a bathing suit full time works just fine. Roads are for the most part old brick. Many nice places to eat and sleep. Many cheap dives too. If your a backpacker, plenty of places to camp. Oh yes, lots of 20 somethings partying – booze is the norm. No problems – we like this place. A few mesquites but not bad. Its VERY green. I see the colors of the Brazil flag in the colors of the Jungle.

Oh yes, notice the tape on the shower nob? Why? because it normal to have used the shower piping for grounding the shower hot water heater. So without the tape, YOU GET SHOCKED!! Crap!!! So Brazil.








Mostly sunny. Typical non-rainy sunny days are warm, ~85f, when rainy mid ~70′s.
Up @ 9h. Excellent breakfast in pousada. Very repeatable breakfast foods so-far – Scrambled eggs (fresh), breads. rolls, fruits (melons, papaya, pineapple), fruit juices (coconut, pineapple), tapioca cooked into a flat cake, cheeses, sausage, granola, flans(ish).sweet cakes and breads. Coffee. The coffee is OK, however, the coffee cafe’s are much better. Walked to beach. Beautiful spots. Many umbrella spots for rent ($5/day) with food and beverage service. Swim suits are skimpy (yes I like this), however not much difference then in SoCal. Back to hotel to watch, yep you guessed it, SOCCER! Owners are from Holland. Excellent english. Pipa is a beach.fishing town filled with cafe’s, bars, and shopping. Very international at this time (euro.south american.USA, of course mostly Brazilians). We feel safe. Rental car is doing well (its a mini chevy of some type). Gas prices are between $5 and $6/gallon. R3 ($1.5) per liter is $5.6/gallon. Had hamburgers at some small spot. So-so. fresh in-the-nut coconut was refreshing ($15). Went to Cafe on boardwalk, had excellent fried fish and Skols (Brazil brew) ($25) and, you guessed it, watched soccer! After we went to new Hotel – Piranha. decent, clean, pool. great view of ocean from our room. $75/night. Went swimming in hotel pool – smallish.clean.refreshing! Fairly warm today ~85f. Max stayed in room to watch more soccer, Heidi and I went to Restaurant Pacifica, had excellent Shrimp and Pasta, Salad (lettuce/tomato), fries, sorbet, local beer “Red CAP”. Owner/host was excellent. Food was a 10! $50. Constantly going to sleep around midnight. We are throughly enjoying ourselves. We love the laid back atmosphere of Pipa, the people, excellent shrimp and fresh, the beaches. You really need to know a little Portuguese to get along hear – oh yes VERY LITTLE. Their very few who speak english, however because the locals are very nice, getting around is easy. In paradise! God speed!








Up at 9h. Breakfast, then ocean swim across street from hotel. Perfect. Prep the. Leave hotel. First, go to Midway mall in Natal. Huge, nice. Picked up swim goggles at Adidas store then had excellent espresso at San brazil coffee house. Off to Praia da Pipa. 2 hr drive south. Countryside is jungle like, sugar can everywhere. Found hotel, hotel Golfinhos. Decent economy spot. Very local. $90/day. Clean. Dinner at Rola Peixe. Wow! Excellent ceviche and shrimp and home made chips. Also fresh seasoned sardines! Ok we found the excellent seafood we heard about . Just perfect! I’m in a most comfortable hammock writing this post. Its 22h. Great day! Great trip! Yeah! So blessed! Great people!!!








Up @9h. Rainy. Breakfast at blue marlin, coffee, fairly decent. Off to ponta Negra for ocean swim. Excellent! Back to hotel, then prep and off to dinner at all you van eat place on beach. Yummy much better. Super value. Ok, match time! Off to Arena de Dunas Japan v. Greece. Took rental car found parking very close to stadium for $20. Short walk, and all the sudden were in! No protest just kids yelling “Jesus loves you”. I ask the gang “do you love me?” No one said anything. Walked on. Lovely place. High energy. Lots of chanting. Very skillful. Tied 0 to 0. Oomph! Heidi took many pics. We had a wonderful time. I looked around many time at all the multi nationals in awe! Stopped at kebab diner on return to hotel. It was a Greek place. Falafel and steak pita excellent with a funky cheese pita thing (so so ). Back by 23h. What a great day of ocean, beach, soccer, and being so close with Maxwell and Heidi! I don’t miss Bako at all!

Click here for a great site showing the Japan vs. Greece match