(What does this poem say to you, friends?)

When the dawn unfolds like a bolt of ribbon

Thrown through my window,

I know that hours of light

Are about to thrust themselves into me

Like omnivorous needles into listless cloth,

Threaded with the heavy colours of the sun.

They seem altogether too eager,

To embroider this thing of mine,

My Day,

Into the strict patterns of an altar cloth;

Or at least to stitch it into a useful garment.

But I know they will do nothing of the kind.

They will prick away,

And when they are through with it

It will look like the patch quilt my grandmother made

When she was learning to sew.

(I first understood [incorrectly?] the poem in the context of “they” being people and society, but what if “they” was something altogether different?)

Steve jobs’ Last Words

Posted: November 26, 2015 in Poems

I thought the following would be good to share on Thanksgiving. I have so much to be grateful for. What the following says to me is to live the life you want to live. Realize how important love is, how important family and friends are. Are you doing what you want to do in life? 

I reached the pinnacle of success in

the business world. In others’ eyes, my life is an epitome

of success.

However, aside from work, I have

little joy. In the end, wealth is only a fact of life that I

am accustomed to.
At this moment, lying on the sick bed

and recalling my whole life, I realize that all the

recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in, have

paled and become meaningless in the face of impending

death. In the darkness, I look at the green

lights from the life supporting machines and hear the

humming mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of god of

death drawing closer…
Now I know, when we have accumulated

sufficient wealth to last our lifetime, we should pursue

other matters that are unrelated to wealth…
Should be something that is more


Perhaps relationships, perhaps art,

perhaps a dream from younger days.
Non-stop pursuing of wealth will only

turn a person into a twisted being, just like me.
God gave us the senses to let us feel

the love in everyone’s heart, not the illusions brought

about by wealth. The wealth I have won in my life I

cannot bring with me. What I can bring is only the memories

precipitated by love.

That’s the true riches which will

follow you, accompany you, giving you strength and light to

go on.
Love can travel a thousand

miles. Life has no limit. Go where you want to go.

Reach the height you want to reach. It is all in your heart

and in your hands.
What is the most expensive bed in the

world? Sick bed…

You can employ someone to drive the

car for you, make money for you but you cannot have someone

to bear the sickness for you.
Material things lost can be found. But

there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost

– Life.
When a person goes into the operating

room, he will realize that there is one book that he has yet

to finish reading – Book of Healthy Life.
Whichever stage in life we are at

right now, with time, we will face the day when the curtain

comes down.
Treasure Love for your family, love

for your spouse, love for your friends.

Treat yourself well. Cherish




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What good may come from good poetry? For me good poetry is health food for for the brain – nourishes ascension beyond habit and ho-hum. I try to read a least one poem each day. 


Low-anchored cloud,

Newfoundland air,

Fountain-head and source of rivers,

Dew-cloth, dream-drapery,

And napkin spread by fays;

Drifting meadow of the air,

Where bloom the daisied banks and violets,

And in whose fenny labyrinth

The bittern booms and heron wades;

Spirit of lakes and seas and rivers,—

Bear only perfumes and the scent

Of healing herbs to just men’s fields.

– Henry David Thoreau 


Posted: November 21, 2015 in Poems


Hast thou named all the birds without a gun?

Loved the wood-rose, and left it on its stalk?

At rich men’s tables eaten bread and pulse?

Unarmed, faced danger with a heart of trust?

And loved so well a high behavior,

In man or maid, that thou from speech refrained,

Nobility more nobly to repay?

O, be my friend, and teach me to be thine!
– Ralph Waldo Emerson
A beautiful poem to wake up to on this beautiful fall morning in Bakersfield. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Posted: November 19, 2015 in Meditation

Here is a link to a good ebook about my fav meditation method – mindfulness.  It’s free. 

Mindfulness Meditation ebook
I’ll be referring to this book in Wednesday’s Mindfulness Meditation Class.


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Good morning! Es en bonito dia en Bakersfield!

Not wanting to sound like an advertisement, I’ll pass on what I think is an excellent way to get daily weather updates in your email.

      I use Weather.com

Although the’re always politically correct and staunch capitalists – you’ll have to look past the propaganda and money schemes – they diffidently get the weather right.

If I can get more from visiting a site than I have to give up, it’s a good visit. Visiting weather.com is a good visit.

The update I get in email each morning has everything I need. Temperature is most important where I live because we want to keep our plants protected, and ourselves comfortable. I also get alerts for things like fog, high wind, rain, and snow – quite useful.

All n all, highly recommend.

If you agree or not, have a comment, and/or have an alternative, sure would like to hear from you.

Use a fishing pole (versus a Rod)

Posted: August 23, 2015 in Daillies

Sorry folks, Heidi is asking Santa for a Fishing POLE. Worms are not used with Fishing Poles. For places were the fish are small, fishing RODs are used, and of course, this is were the worms could be useful.
With a fishing pole, a snake is needed for bait – of the slimy, slithery, fang teeth genus. The snake is simply tied on the end of a line (using the official Boy Scout snakeOnFishingLine knot), then the serpent is tossed into a place were fish go to school. The snake gets to work slithering about looking for The One. When the slithering stops, the snakes dives with laser like focus and strikes. Once the snake has lock jawed the fish into its fangs, the pole holder lifts the snake and fish from the ocean, lays the partnership on the deck, then knocks the fish in the head with a ball-peen hammer (sometimes the snake bite alone does not kill the fella). Next, the fisher person dons their falconry gloves and yanks the fish from the snakes fangs. The dead fish is set aside for the moment. The snake is untied (as Conrad would confirm, a proper knot is easily untied) and wrestled back into the burlap bait bag. And finally, the catch is put into its final resting place in a chest filled with layers of salt and ice.