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The illumining Consciousness, because of which there is an awareness of the various objects and activities of the inner mind, is that supreme Reality. Thus, though waves after waves of sorrow, dejection, despair, joy, success, anger, jealousy or passion may come in his mind, he who knows the ‘Knower’ of these waves is not affected by them. Why should the sun dim because of the tragedies he is illumining or glow brighter when he is illumining a joyous scene? ‘This Self I am, I am illumining my mental conditions. I know I am happy or unhappy, but these are the mental waves that I am illumining. I am the light of Consciousness. None of the conditions of the mind is me’, this is the constant wisdom of the wise man.


Art and Artist

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What I define as art expands my consciousness, expands my reality. Interpretation of art is not an endeavor for me, but to the contrary, natural and joyful because I choose to think, to see, because I choose to feel. My interpretation of art is based on experiences, but perhaps more so, as Jung discovered, from a symbolic connection to the universal unconsciousness, VOID of experience, innate, transcendent.


Artists reveal their secrets when they publish their work to the world. To do otherwise would be putting on an act, or worst, would keep themselves hidden for eternity.


Ignorance is the root of all suffering

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Definition of Socratic method

: the method of inquiry and instruction employed by Socrates especially as represented in the dialogues of Plato and consisting of a series of questionings the object of which is to elicit a clear and consistent expression of something supposed to be implicitly known by all rational beings

Unconscious Aid

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“Having responded to his own call, and continuing to follow courageously as the consequences unfold, the hero finds all the forces of the unconscious at his side. Mother Nature herself supports the mighty task. And in so far as the hero’s act coincides with that for which his society is ready, he seems to ride on the great rhythm of the historical process.”

Jopseph Cambell




Jambo! Este un Bonito Dia!

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Instead of reluctantly and bashfully wondering about my 60’s, 70’s, and (oh my) 80’s… I’ve decided to give them themes:

50’s = Rocking

60’s = Rolling

70’s = Cruising

80’s = Commanding

90’s = Awakening

And 100’s = Awe!

Changes my entire outlook every morning when I look at this list.

If you only knew what a beloved and celebrated character you were before this lifetime began, beautiful friend, and what a beloved and celebrated character you will be upon your return to realms unseen, nothing that now bothers or scares you would ever do so again.

Rock star,

The Universe


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The worlds narrative about racism should not be about skin color (fake science), but Ethnicity. The reason why we do or do not get along with each other is not because of the color of our skin.

#ClimateChange The worlds narrative on the environment should not simply focus on rising sea levels, but more so about the air that we breath, the water we drink, the 3 billion who live in poverty.

Junk is the new fake

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Fake has been added to the definition of Junk.  Are you reacting or taking action based on fake,  fabricated information? Your reaction is based on Junk. Be aware.  

Unless many people can convey the same  experience,  what is conveyed as information or knowledge, what you are getting from others, is Junk. Junk is waste awaiting recycle or disposal. 

The greatest amount of junk comes from governments, news, email, social media. 

We have four choices when confronted with Junk: no reaction, recycle (get more info), dispose (dismiss altogether), or, as most people, believe as-is.

Notice how difficult it is to get the same story from two or more people witnessing the same event? Junk.
Most of what we see and hear on news, facebook, etc. is subjective – a persons (or more likely in the US, business or gov’s) perception of reality. The internet,  news, you, I, we attempt to convey our experience as real for others, but until enough people have the same experience, perceive the same thing, our thoughts our are own, subjective. Nothing is more real than our direct experience.  
Language came about when man needed to get along to survive. Emotions drive perceptions. Experience Everything Nothing is greater than our experience 

Watched the news today about “fake” reports on the internet regarding the elections. The age of fake is upon us. Emotions are instant gratification, thoughts require contemplation. Thinking mediates emotions.