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Junk is the new fake

Posted: September 28, 2017 in Daillies, Uncategorized

Fake has been added to the definition of Junk.  Are you reacting or taking action based on fake,  fabricated information? Your reaction is based on Junk. Be aware.  

Unless many people can convey the same  experience,  what is conveyed as information or knowledge, what you are getting from others, is Junk. Junk is waste awaiting recycle or disposal. 

The greatest amount of junk comes from governments, news, email, social media. 

We have four choices when confronted with Junk: no reaction, recycle (get more info), dispose (dismiss altogether), or, as most people, believe as-is.

Notice how difficult it is to get the same story from two or more people witnessing the same event? Junk.
Most of what we see and hear on news, facebook, etc. is subjective – a persons (or more likely in the US, business or gov’s) perception of reality. The internet,  news, you, I, we attempt to convey our experience as real for others, but until enough people have the same experience, perceive the same thing, our thoughts our are own, subjective. Nothing is more real than our direct experience.  
Language came about when man needed to get along to survive. Emotions drive perceptions. Experience Everything Nothing is greater than our experience 

Watched the news today about “fake” reports on the internet regarding the elections. The age of fake is upon us. Emotions are instant gratification, thoughts require contemplation. Thinking mediates emotions. 


Shall I help them see? 

Posted: April 17, 2017 in Daillies, Quotes

Shall I help them see my ideas, or to educate myself to theirs? The answer, I believe, is that I must “both be a borrower and a lender be.”

Margaret C. Ward

Racism, Religion, and the Media

Posted: February 16, 2017 in Daillies

Media based on racism (“white”) and religion, (“christian”) is fraught with error and problematic. Only well thought out, over time (matured) discussions about such topics have any meaning whatsoever. Acting on emotions experienced by such topics is dangerous, dangerous to a life well lived. 

Interesting Article. Company paid apprenticeships are returning to the US as are long term careers. More and more companies are now recruiting high school grads and training them for a career with their company thus either bypassing college altogether or augmenting their apprenticeship with relevant college courses. Oh yes, getting an apprenticeship is also possible for a student in, or has graduated from, college. The caveat in all this is that, somewhere along the way, the student actually learned something, high school or otherwise, relevant to the apprenticeship. 

The link below takes you to the article. I’m happy to say I passed practice test. Give it go. 


God’s Work

Posted: January 18, 2017 in Daillies

Know when we are at rest in our labor, we are doing god’s work. 

A Living Space

Posted: December 26, 2016 in Daillies, Uncategorized

A living space should be a sanctuary. It has to be a place where you can reflect on your life.

#bakersfield#bakersfieldCa#dog#run#transient (This shit happened before Christmas 2015)

Today, we (Rocket, my dog, and I) were running on the north side of the river between 24th and Golden State. Normally a good place to let Rocket run free. Except for the rare grufy transient, feels pretty safe. Well today all this changed today. Rocket ran ahead of me and into a  hidden one person transient camp. He was then latched onto by a pit bull. The thing wouldn’t let go. Lucky for rocket the bull clamped down high on the front leg. This gave rocket free acess to tear at the Bulls nose. Still the damn thing would not let go. Rocket then did the heinous – he bit one the Bulls eye out. Blood everywhere. Did the bull loosen – hell no! Rocket continued to chew chucks from the Bulls face and nose. By now the transient and I each had the legs of our dogs and were pulling. Then in complete dog wildness, Rocket bite the other eye out. Shit! Blood everywhere. The Bulls head was a bloody mess. Finally the crazy thing let go. Rocket and I ran the hell out of there. I ran back to the transient lady and the bull. She said sorry. The bull lay still on it side. Who knows? We ran out of there as fast as we could. Logged on my watch an 8 minute mile. To bad really. There was no winner. I’m done with letting Rocket off the leash in the city – anywhere.  Be careful! 

Oh yes, if this happens again, I have it from good counsel the only way to get the bull to let go of the death grip is to club it on the head. There probably was something I could have used as a Club, but in this time I was stupid and thought the pulling would work. I don’t think it did. I think finally having two eyes gouged out and the Bulls nose ripped to threads, the killer breed gave up.