Hello, my name is Kenny Beal.
You are invited to share your thoughts and feelings with the universe.
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Man also Rises
Know God. We are fully aware, we are enlightened. We live in joy, in love. We have forever chained our sorrows to the past on the wheel of life. We bring into our minds the greater sea-scape where we are always illumined. We rise as the sun, steady – brilliant.


Kenny Beal

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The left hand at the heart in the refuge gesture: palm facing slightly outward, then pausing as the thumb touches heart, to symbolize self awareness of god, then, thumb and ring finger touching, and the remaining fingers raised to symbolize all beings becoming aware of god.

The right hand on the right knee in a gesture to welcome all beings who are becoming or who are already, aware of god, to connect with my inner being: Pausing first, palm facing outward, opening a channel to my heart for all beings, then, thumb and first finger touching, the remaining fingers pointing down as I sense other beings one with my heart.